MACKEEPERComputer virus – is a small malicious program that can create their own copies and introduce them to the program (executable) files, documents, and boot sector of data carriers. There are many different ways of classifying viruses. One way to classify computer viruses – a division of the following main features:

  • environment
  • particular algorithm
  • methods of infection
  • the degree of impact (harmless, dangerous, very dangerous)

Depending on the environment the main types of computer viruses are:

  • Software (infect files with the extension. COM and EXE) viruses
  • boot viruses
  • Macro viruses
  • network viruses

Currently, the most common types of malware include worms, viruses, Trojans. It is desirable to prevent the emergence of viruses on the PC, but the virus infects a computer is very important to detect it. The main signs of the emergence of the virus in the PC:

  • slow work computer;
  • freezes or crashes the computer;
  • resizing files;
  • reducing the size of RAM;
  • a significant increase in the number of files on the disk;
  • Files and folders disappear or their contents are distorted;
  • Changing the date and time of last modification of files.

Viruses are becoming more sophisticated from day to day, more and more difficult. Divided into several processes, each of which monitors that additional process has not been removed from the task and runs it if someone took the task. Hide more carefully, so that in the task manager they were not seen.

By now gained considerable experience in dealing with computer viruses. Were developed anti-virus software, are known measures of protection programs and data. There is a constant improvement of Antiviral agents, which in a short time since the discovery of the virus – from a week to a month – are able to cope with the newly emerging viruses. Antivirus software – is a term that means a computer program that tries to identify and neutralize or destroy malicious programs. This type of software is so named because the very first antivirus programs were created specifically to deal with computer viruses. However, most modern antivirus program is designed to control a broad spectrum of threats, including viruses, worms, phishing attacks, rootkits, Trojans and other malware. For anti-virus programs tend to use two methods to deal with malware:

  • checking (scanning) files for known viruses by comparing with the dictionary definition of virus
  • definition of a suspicious operation of any computer program that may indicate infection. Such analysis may include data collection, port scanning and other methods.

The first operating system Mac Os appeared in nineteen eighty-fourth year, with a new computer Macintosh, but then it was called differently, System 1. In addition, was added innovative device, with which one could control the cursor, now known to everyone “mouse.” Name System continued to exist up to version System 7.6, after which, has acquired a new name MacOS. For an informative display system was used property window interface. In general, the graphical user interface as such, was not invented by “Apple” to MacOS, they only used this innovation and applied it in computers designed for mass use. In fact, this idea belonged to the company Xerox, which already had a single computer at the center of research Xerox PARC, but in terms of this company was not included the problem for the implementation of this stunning, for the time trends in mass distribution than actually benefited “Apple”, integrating back own improvements and adding all this already developed them folder – file structure. Thus, in the aggregate of ready of foreign and their own development, “Apple” first who introduced to the general mass the OS in a graphic image.

Most of the owners of personal computers from the company Apple hardly are able to answer the question, when was the last time they performed reinstalling the operating system Mac OS. Quality tested by time and millions of users allows the operating system to work without having to reinstall a very long time, but as you know any stability sooner or later comes to an end. Over time, the system is gradually losing its former zeal and becomes less agile in implementing the user commands. In different programs appear insignificant errors caused by how true it should be noted in majority causes by the owner of the computer. There are many free universal tools that advise to use for a wide range of problems, but the best means at the moment, is a program of the Ukrainian developers called MacKeeper. MacKeeper is a utility software suite for Mac OS X advertised to optimize, clean and secure a computer system. After installing the program on the company’s products Apple, MacKeeper checks the hard disk, and detects the presence of unwanted legacy programs and various temporary files that clog your PC.

If you notice in the work of your computer any problems, missing files or it is running slower then you need to install MacKeeper for checking your device. But initially you need to download MACKEEPER ACTIVATION CODE KEYGEN.


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